MIS joins in Earth Day 2024

As we have in previous years, Modern Industrial Engineering is joining in shining a spotlight on Earth Day.

Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate our planet and to bring awareness to what we should all be doing to protect it through conservation and sustainable practices.

The Earth Day 2024 theme is “Planet vs. Plastics.” This campaign aims to combat the global issue of plastic pollution by uniting individuals from diverse locations. The ultimate goal is to reduce plastic usage by a significant margin of 60% by the year 2040, resulting in a future with far less plastic waste and a healthier environment. Learn more here.

Modern Industrial Engineering supports efforts to create awareness of earth’s fragility and our responsibility to protect it, both personally and professionally. Staff from many of our offices participate in annual Earth Day activities and clean-ups. In our work, Modern Industrial Engineering aims to transform the built environment through ingenuity by delivering sustainable, resilient, and equitable engineering solutions.