Project Spotlight: Supplying 2000 Motors from Wippermann to JSONT in Dubai

Modern Industrial Engineering (MIE) is proud to showcase one of our recent successful projects: the supply of 2000 high-quality Wippermann WPX-4000 industrial motors to JSONT in Dubai. This project underscores our commitment to delivering excellence and reliability in industrial and engineering supplies.

  •  Project Overview

In this landmark project, MIE facilitated the seamless delivery of 2000 WPX-4000 motors to JSONT, a leading manufacturing firm in Dubai. Our partnership with Wippermann, a global leader in precision engineering components, ensured that JSONT received top-tier products to meet their operational needs.


  • Technical Specifications of the WPX-4000 Motors

– Power Rating: 15 kW

– Voltage: 380V AC

– Frequency: 50/60 Hz

– Speed: 1450 RPM

– Efficiency: 92%

– Enclosure Type: IP55

– Insulation Class: F

– Frame Size: 200L

– Mounting Type: Foot-mounted (B3)

– Cooling Method: IC411 (Self-ventilated)


  •  Project Execution

– Collaboration and Planning: The project began with meticulous planning and coordination between MIE, Wippermann, and JSONT. We ensured all specifications and requirements were precisely understood and met.

– Supply Chain Management: Leveraging our robust supply chain network, MIE managed the logistics of transporting the motors from Wippermann’s production facilities to JSONT’s headquarters in Dubai. This involved careful scheduling to align with JSONT’s operational timelines.

– Quality Assurance: Throughout the process, MIE conducted rigorous quality checks to ensure each motor met the highest standards of performance and durability, reflecting both Wippermann’s and MIE’s commitment to excellence.


  • Outcome

The successful completion of this project not only highlights MIE’s capability to handle large-scale supply orders but also demonstrates our dedication to supporting our clients with reliable and efficient solutions. JSONT now benefits from enhanced operational efficiency thanks to the superior performance of the Wippermann WPX-4000 motors.


At Modern Industrial Engineering, we continue to push the boundaries of industrial and engineering supply excellence. Stay tuned for more project spotlights as we drive innovation and quality in every endeavor. 


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